Friday, August 3, 2012

Virtual Operating Systems | Cloud Computing

OS inside your browser! Online virtual operating system. It is is a website that simulates an operating system inside your web browser.

 Your complete Virtual Computer (VC) in the browser, running the Global Hosted Operating SysTem from Ghost Inc. is revolutionizing personal computing by delivering to you a free Virtual Computer - personal computing in a web page, free of charge. For the first time in history, frees you from being tied to any one physical device - and frees you from the worries of installing software, backing up, and other administration. is a web based desktop that offers many features that help you maintain contact with your friends, as well as share and store your files. is an online dashboard/desktop for you to play with. You can access your favorite RSS feeds, bookmarks, and plenty more while ..

Glide OS 3.0 is a comprehensive Ad-Free cloud computing solution. Escape from
the daily barrage of online floating, pop up, banner and streaming ads and
email spam. In addition to providing you with an ad-free alternative, you get
more storage, more features and more control over how you share your private
information and personal files.

Glide is a free suite of rights-based productivity and collaboration
applications with 10GBs of storage. Setup and administer up to six family
member accounts including child accounts from your Glide settings panel. The
Glide OS provides automatic file and application compatibility across devices
and operating systems. With Glide OS you also get the Glide Sync App which
helps you to synchronize your home and work files.

The Online Desktop
ajax Windows is a virtual operating system that lets you store, edit and share your files using only a browser.

oDesktop is the online desktop for you to run any of the web-based applications that includes: oDrive, oPhoto, oMusic, oNetwork, oEmail, oNews and oGames from the comfort of your home, office or whenever you are on the move. Your virtual desktop, WebOS, widgets, gadgets, file ...
The OOdisk Virtual Mesh service access will be included in the OOdesk Virtual Desktop very soon.

The OOS is a free web operating system which provides you with a whole bunch of genuine web applications. Get 1GB of free web space which you can use for Storing files, Photos & webpage..

eyeos is an open source web desktop following the cloud computing concept. It is mainly written in PHP, XML, and Javascript. It acts as a platform for web applications written using the eyeos Toolkit. It includes a Desktop environment with 67 applications and system utilities. It is accessible by portable devices via its mobile front edu. eyeos lets you upload your files and work with them no matter where you are. It contains applications like Word Processor, Address Book, PDF reader, and many more developed by the community.

Startforce Webtop comes with File Explorer, Instant Messenger, Calendar, Web Mail, Contacts, Quickview, Multimedia Player, and many more so you get the full OS experience from anytime anywhere.

Nivio Ndesktop- Access an Online vesion of Windows anywhere. Store your stuff online- 10GB free space.

Joli Cloud

Eye OS


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