Monday, August 19, 2013

Windows 7 Not Detecting External Hard Disk_Solved!

Hi friends,

Last week,I brought my friend's Seagate 2TB external hard disk to backup some files on my computer. That hard disk runs on 9v ac adaptor,connect the adaptor to ac 220v supply,and connect usb port to pc and work. I connected the adaptor to mains,and usb to my Acer Aspire One h532 netbook,led light on harkdisk glew,my windows 7 given regular "ping" sound confirming that it has detected the harddisk,but the device is not showing on My Computer! I waited for few minutes,tried refreshing my computer,still no signs of harddisk! I connected the harddisk to another desktop computers having Windows7 and Windows XP,it worked for both. I again tried connecting the harddisk to other two usb ports on my netbook,didn't help! Then I ran my genius brain ;-) and solved the problem! Here's how-

Right click on "computer" (previously called my computer),choose "manage", choose "device manager",expand "universal serial bus controller",select your problematic device(in my case,it was named 'external'),right click on it,and select "uninstall". After the uniinstallation process,.disconnect the device from your computer and restart your computer. Now after restart,reconnect your device,this time windows should detect your device and and automatically reinstall required drivers for it,you can see the progress in taskbar.

If this trick does not work,and you're confirmed that the device is ok,you can perform a "system restore" from "start menu",type 'restore',and choose "system restore",and follow the on screen instructions,in Windows7.

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