Friday, August 3, 2012

Add Speech to Your Blogs

Odiogo's media-shifting technology expands the reach of your content: It transforms news sites and blog posts into high fidelity, near human quality audio files ready to download and play anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Turn readers into listeners, and transform your blog into a high quality, ad-supporting broadcast that can vastly expand your audience reach!

Odiogo converts your blog into a podcast.

* Automatic podcast generation
* “Near-human” quality text-to-speech
* Detailed download statistics
* Make money from embedded ads
* Listen Button feature deployed in next to no time for WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, BlogEngine.NET and Terapad platforms

iSpeech converts any text on the Web into clear natural sounding audio free. Take your reading on the go with iSpeech text to speech.
*Earn cash while making your blog talk! Absolutely no cost ever.

vozMe: Add speech to your website. online tool that offers applications and services to convert text into speech. is a text to speech/audio converter, it allows you to record (English, French, Spanish or German) PDF, Word, plain text, PowerPoint files, RSS feeds, emails and web pages, and converts them to speech automatically. Using it you can easily create audio recordings (in English, French, Spanish and German) of any text content.

Record books, articles,web pages, your papers class notes or any other text content you want to have available to you in audio format. So that you can listen while you commute or exercise. It is also a great way to check your writing for grammar and spelling errors.
Yakitome Podcast any electronic text to yourself for free with the world's best text to speech technology! YAKiToMe! is multi-lingual (English, Spanish, French) and brings you the world's best text-to-speech synthesis technologies.


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